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Prosthetics continued 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) the main causes of limb loss are dysvascular diseases, trauma, cancer, and congenital anomalies, with diabetes being the leading cause of new cases of nontraumatic lower-extremity amputations among adults. 

After a person has undergone an amputation of a major extremity they will be subjected to many new experiences that they may not be prepared for. 

In most cases physical pain is the initial discomfort that all amputees will face. There are various methods, treatments and medications that are available to ease the pain. Consult your surgeon or general practitioner if you are experiencing pain, as there are no medals for persons who experience the most pain. (Amputee tip: Try the attitude of, every day is a new day and every day I will have less pain than the previous day)

Newly amputated individuals need time to adjust to their new life experience. This is a time for self reflection, and not bombardment of what type of prosthetic device will be best suited for the amputee. It is however a natural instinct for family, friends and caregivers to try to "patch" things up as soon as possible, in an attempt to protect their loved ones. 

Give enough time for the wounds to heal.


Amputees have two wounds to consider. Firstly the physical scar of the amputated site and secondly their own emotional well being.

The normal healing period for healthy individuals is approximately 2-3 Weeks, while you could expect 6-8 Weeks of delayed healing if preexisting comorbidities exists like diabetes.


Delayed healing can be caused by: 

• Wound Infection 

• Immuno suppression (HIV)

• Traumatic damage to the residual limb (Stump)

• Smoking

• Nutritional status 

The residual limb will undergo massive changes

immediately after the amputation. more.

Prosthetic suppliers

The vast majority of prosthetic components are manufactured by international companies. Before components are made available for use, each component is rigorously tested to ensure that it meets all safety standards. Thousands of hours and many millions are spent on researching, developing, testing and marketing these medical devices. 

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Otto Bock X3 Waterproof knee

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