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Step 1 Preparing the residual limb

​Before you can start using a prosthetic leg you will need to prepare your R.L (Residual limb previously referred to as the Stump). These preparations are crucial to reduce post operative swelling. There are various ways of preparing your R.L. namely...Read more


Wheelchairs vary in size, style and weight but most important to consider is whether or not the chair is suited for the clients specific needs. We try to meet the challenge of matching client needs to specific wheelchair technologies and components... Remember that...

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Orthotics is a broad term used to identify medical devices which support, correct and protect extremities of the human body. Many people will identify with the term "foot orthotic", but there are also Ankle Foot Orthotics, Spinal Orthotics and Wrist elbow more

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Canes, Crutches and walkers

Assistive devices serve one or more functions:

  • Improve balance

  • Assist propulsion

  • Reduce load on one or both lower limbs

  • Transmit sensory cues through the hand(s) 

Canes and crutches more

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Increasing external pressure on a limb, decreases venous pressure within the limb.

Compression therapy garments are categorised according to their rate of compression and measured in millimetre of mercury. There are many different international standards more

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South Africans, enjoy sporting and other outdoor activities. Traumatic sport injuries are scaled according to severity, in certain cases the injuries are so severe that it could lead to surgery. 

The majority of injuries are normally mild and  temporary. more

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Incorrectly fitted shoes is one of the leading cause of foot and toe problems. The majority of people take for granted that their foot will fall within one of the sizes at a shoe shop.


While for the majority, this may be true, but for those individuals with preexisting foot problems, shoe shopping can be the ultimate nightmare. more


Many of us dread becoming so ill that we are unable to care for ourselves. In most circumstances home caring/nursing is carried out by loved ones or professional more

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Breast prostheses and bras can be important for women who have undergone a mastectomy. These devices can help restore the appearance of the breasts and provide a sense of normalcy and more

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