About us

Suite 3, 6 Swapo road, Durban North

The facility 

Our facilities are located in central Durban North, in the heart of the Broadway central business district. Suite 3, 6 Swapo rd (Previously known as Broadway rd)

We are situated opposite the Broadway Pharmacy and next to KFC.


Maximising ease of mobility and your well being and is our primary concern. The facility is kitted for easy wheelchair access, disabled toilet facilities and adequate secure parking for all.

In addition to our large rehab/consulting rooms, we also have an onsite Orthotics and Prosthetics laboratory, to ensure same day adjustments, modifications and repairs to Orthotics, Prosthetics and other mobility devices.

The prosthetic rehab room has a large gait training area for amputees to learn how to walk with their prosthetics. 

While we do prefer if you make an appointment before consultations, walk-ins are also welcome. 

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Business hours:

Mon - Friday :- 730am - 5pm

Saturday- Sunday :- By appointment

031 331 0708

060 5767253

  • External prosthetic devices (Body powered and Microprocessor technologies). 

  • Orthotic braces and supports (Custom made / Pre-manufactured).

  • Mobility Aids (Custom wheelchairs, seating and positioning).

  • Assistive device (Crutches and walking aids).

  • Foot Orthotics ( Accommodative, corrective and supportive, Diabetic solutions foot wear/ RS pressure plate scans).

  • Orthotic and Prosthetic 3D printing solutions.

  • Cranial remolding helmets.

  • Compression garments for first & secondary lymphedema.

  • Breast Prosthetics (Breast forms and garmentory/brassiere).

  • Footwear ( Dr Comfort, Revere, Soleflex and custom medical shoes.

  • Home nursing supplies.

  • Wheelchair solutions with on-site modifications and repairs. 

The consultants and services  

Mobility Assist collaborates with different health care practitioners from various health care sectors. 

Our main aim is to determine the best solution for our client's personal needs and activities of daily living.

While our core consulting services consists of Orthotic and Prosthetic services, we are constantly expanding our efforts working together with other health care professionals, offering/designing unique rehabilitation packages, which may include Physiotherapy, Biokinetics, Podiatry, Occupational therapy and  wound care specialists.