An experienced and qualified Prosthetic practitioner will be able to assist you by matching the correct prosthetic device for your specific needs. The majority of prosthetic devices require diagnostic fitting before a final socket can be manufactured.


The diagnostic socket will ensure that your definitive (Final) socket fits your residual limb as comfortably as possible. 

On average, once you receive your definitive prosthesis, depending on your activity level and other health related issues (comorbidities), you can expect your prosthetic device to be functional for the duration of the component warranties and approximately 4-5 years for the socket interface unit. (SIU) 

The SIU is normally manufactured from the highest industry quality carbon, glass fiber composites. In certain upper and lower extremity cases, the SIU can be manufactured using additive manufacturing technologies. In addition to normal conventional socket technologies supportive solutions exists for Osseointegration more

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i-Limb® Quantum Titanium