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Orthotics is a broad term used to identify medical devices which support, correct and protect extremities of the human body. Many people will identify with the term "foot orthotic", but there are also Ankle Foot Orthotics, Spinal Orthotics and Wrist elbow Orthotics.


Orthotics are mainly divided into upper and lower extremity devices. The Orthotic and Prosthetic practitioners consulting at the facilities are well versed and experienced in the majority of upper and lower extremity orthotics. ​

Orthotics are classified as medical devices, and it's for this reason that certain precautions be taken when we measure, manufacture and fit these devices. Your safety and comfort is our  primary objective, and it is therefor necessary  that all Orthotics are fitted by qualified Orthotic and Prosthetic clinicians. 

Ankle foot, Knee Ankle foot and Hip Ankle foot  orthothes can be prescribed for a number of conditions, namely, structural, motor and control disorders. 

1. Structural disorders:

Paget’s disease

Pseudarthrosis of tibia

Avascular necrosis of talus 


Charcot foot

CTEV (club foot)

Equinovarus ankle

2. Motor disorders 

Prolapsed intervertebral disk


Lower motor neuron disease

Limb length discrepancy

Sacral neurological lesion

Spina Bifida

3. Control disorders 

C.V.A (Cerebrovascular accident / Stroke) 

Cerebral head injury

Cerebral palsy

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