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South Africans, enjoy sporting and other outdoor activities. Traumatic sport injuries are scaled according to severity, in certain cases the injuries are so severe that it could lead to surgery. 


The majority of injuries are normally mild and  temporary. It is well known that physically active individuals detest "sitting around" waiting to heal, they are mainly concerned with returning to their active lifestyles. 

Physically active people want to get back to their sport and exercise as soon as possible, for those  seeking ways and means of increasing their healing time it is our aim to provide them with the latest technology in Braces and supports. 

While braces and supports are formally known as medical Orthotic devices, they deserve a separate mention to custom made Orthotics as they are pre- manufactured and designed within a specific range of small/medium/large and all the various sizes in between.


It is important to mention that many injured individuals self diagnose and incorrectly prescribe themselves a brace or support. Patients should note that the purchasing of braces and supports from large retailers are not regulated in the RSA. The indiscriminate selling of medical devices without due diligence or consultation, places the public at risk of Orthotic induced iatrogenic injuries (Injuries caused by incorrect medical  treatment)

Orthotist Prothetist are trained and qualified not only to measure and fit Braces and supports, but also keep up to date with the latest technologies.  

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