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Mobility aids

Wheelchairs vary in size, style and weight but most important to consider is whether or not the chair is suited for the clients specific needs. We try to meet the challenge of matching client needs to specific wheelchair technologies, components and seating. 

Remember that the primary purpose of mobility is to efficiently move from one place to another. 

Wheelchair mobility is also not the same as exercise as the person who's mobility is compromised must be able to still have enough energy to complete their tasks once they reach their destination. 

Correct wheelchair seating and postural control have shown to  have a positive effect for the user.

The four criteria to consider before purchasing a wheelchair: 


1. Adjustability:

A wheelchair should either be made to the users exact measurements and specifications or should be adjustable to fit the user. Correct pressure relief cushions should be placed under the buttocks and coccygeal area to redistribute weight, therefor reducing the chance of clients developing pressure sores. The cushion must be easily maintained or replaced.


2. Suitability:

A wheelchair should be matched to the terrain that the user will be using it in, it is therefor necessary that wheelchairs vary in design and construction to meet the users needs, ensuring they meet their rehabilitative goals, strive for independence and maintain their activities of daily living. 

3. Durability:

When users consider a new wheelchair, they should be ensured that it must be well made, durable and easily repairable. Various components and replacement parts must be readily available. Wheelchair users need to ask themselves; Will my wheelchair supplier/provider be able to make adjustments or repairs to my chair if the need arises ?

4. Sustainability:

Wheelchair suppliers should consider the robustness of their wheelchairs, long term viability and safety before supplying or fitting  the user....Even more

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Rainbow wheelchair .jpg

Rainbow Wheelchair 

The Rainbow is a 18 Inch (45cm), strong durable, cost effective wheelchair.  Made from mild steel with spare parts readily available. 


Cruiser Wheelchair 

The Cruiser is an easy foldable chair with pop-off wheels, padded armrests and ZERO puncture wheels. Available in various sizes, accommodating children and large adults : 14, 16, 18,& 20 Inch.  Made from Aluminum with spare parts readily available. 

Rental options available 

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Custom-made seat for Cerebral palsy users

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