Mobility aids continued

Inappropriately fitted or nonadjustable wheelchairs may lead to a hodgepodge of physical problems, which can include skin pressure problems, various postural deformities and upper extremity aches and pains.

Certain wheelchair retailers lack the ability to provide individual assessments, wheelchair solutions or even basic maintenance information for the users. These inabilities have shown to have a general negative effect on wheelchair users. 

It is normal for wheelchair users, loved ones and caregivers to be so grateful that they have found a mobility solution that they may overlook the benefits of maximising the functional capabilities of their wheelchair.


By maximising these benefits, the user has an opportunity to learn how to self-propel and facilitate their own transfers.  

Ce mob scooter.JPG
Quicky shark.jpg

Quickie Shark Hand Cycle
R 125 000.00

Maxi Scooter R 40 000.00

Xenon lightest folding wheelchair .jpg

The Lightest Folding Wheelchair in its class, recommended for long term active wheelchair users who require a smooth ultra luxurious ride...

The genius behind the Xenon’s ultra lightweight folding frame is 7000 series aerospace aluminium.  By combining ShapeLoc Technology with ovalised tubing, the Xenon² delivers an incredibly strong, folding wheelchair frame that weighs as little as 8.8kg and maximises your speed and efficiency with every push R 69 000.00