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Finding the correct shoe is a balance of  cosmetic, comfort, functional and in certain cases brand consciousness. 

Shoes are visual artifacts, meaning that  individuals want to look good in their shoes. But one thing is certain, looking good does not necessarily mean that it will feel good. 

We would like to assist individuals in their shoe shopping adventure, assessing their unique situation, presenting clients with a comprehensive footwear solution. 

It is our goal to provide affordable footwear solutions/packages for Diabetics and individuals who care about what type of shoes they wear. We focus on the diabetic foot, and take into consideration various comorbidities that accompany this  disorder. 


In addition to supplying a variety of "off the shelf" shoes, we also measure and fit custom manufactured shoes, that are suitable for individuals with severe foot deformities. 

We also supply a range of diabetic socks, diabetic shoe inserts, toe spacers, corn and bunion plasters. 

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