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Most popular types of crutches used in South Africa:

Forearm (Also known as elbow crutches)

Underarm ( Axilla crutches/ wooden crutches)

Platform (Gutter crutch) 

Smart crutch (Combination of forearm & gutter crutch)


Axillary crutches have become less popular as evidence has shown that the Axilla component (Underarm) has a tendency to compress blood vessels and superficial nerves, it is for these reasons that care be taken when adjusting an Axillary crutch for client ensuring that the the client does not support their weight directly onto the Axilla area. 

All crutches should have a well cushioned or wide surface area over the handle to ensure load distribution. Cooper comfy crutches are well known for reducing stress over the palm and wrist area of a user. 

The gutter crutch is made specifically for those individuals who are afflicted with arthritic wrists or hand fractures. The Smart Crutch is a combination of a elbow and gutter crutch, providing versatility for certain users. 


Walkers are normally made from a frame construction to replace two canes or crutches. 

Two main types of walkers:

1. Base walker ( 2, 3 and 4 tips and 2, 3 ad 4 wheels)

2. Upright walker ( Commonly known as a Pulpit walkers, can be Rigid, folding, reciprocating and stair climbing.)

For users requiring maximum stability, the folding pulpit walker is perfect for ease of use and transportability.  

Finally, a good explanation can provide basic information regarding any assistive device. Mobility Assist prides itself that our medical professionals insist on engaging with all clients to provide unique assistive mobility solutions.  

Cooper handle 2.JPG
Cooper handle 1.JPG

Cooper Comfy Crutches

Molded handles for extra comfort



Walker 3.JPG
Walker 1.JPG
Walker with wheels.JPG

Pulpit walkers

Four wheeled

Heavy duty walker 

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