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Ankle foot, Knee Ankle foot and Hip Ankle foot  orthothes can be prescribed for a number of conditions, namely, structural, motor and control disorders. 

1. Structural disorders:

Paget’s disease

Pseudarthrosis of tibia

Avascular necrosis of talus 


Charcot foot

CTEV (club foot)

Equinovarus ankle

2. Motor disorders 

Prolapsed intervertebral disk


Lower motor neuron disease

Limb length discrepancy

Sacral neurological lesion

Spina Bifida

3. Control disorders 

C.V.A (Cerebrovascular accident / Stroke

Cerebral head injury

Cerebral palsy


AFO Nexgear Tango.JPG

Nexgear Tango

"If you have paralysis of the leg muscles, this dynamic ankle joint for ankle-foot orthoses allows you to walk more smoothly and efficiently – whether on level surfaces, on inclines or on stairs." Ref Otto Bock

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