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Formfit Pro Ankle sleeve

Össur Formfit® Pro Ankle is a compressive ankle sleeve with 2 integrated malleoli pads, designed to worn after mild ankle injuries

The dynamic 3-D MotionTech™ knit is supportive and meets certified medical grade compression requirements

Proven superior to leading brands for moisture wicking and breathability, your ankle stays cool during wear

CoolVent™ technology in the area in front of the ankle further enhances breathability and comfort


Key features

  • MotionTech™ for compression and dynamic fit with superior moisture wicking and breathability, keeping your ankle cool during wear.

  • Certified medical grade compression (20-30 mmHg).

  • CoolVent™ technology in the area in front of the ankle for added breathability and comfort.

  • 2 integrated malleoli SmartPads™ for targeted support and cushioning.

  • Patented FoldLock™ system for easier and more secure application.


For Ankle conditions that may benefit from compression, such as: - Ankle injury rehabilitation - Mild sprains and strains - Mild instability

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